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The COVID-19 situation and the need for social distancing poses us with a wealth of challenges, forcing us to work from home, changing the way we research media practices and teach methods. It’s especially demanding for empirical research on media use, media practices and data practices.

Our software MeSort and MeTag are both web-based browser applications that can facilitate your media research and teaching while still following social distancing guidelines.

  • MeTag allows you to set up research projects via our backend system MeTag Analyze, a browser application, and collect media diaries via a smartphone app on your participants‘ phones.
  • Our sorting software MeSort  is also browser-based and is designed to help you setup research (and teaching) projects online. For example, you could conduct sorting tasks with interviewees using Zoom or Jitsi’s screensharing functions. The option to share an individual link to a sorting task with your participant is currently under development.

Please feel free to check them out (and wash your hands)! And please let us know if you find them helpful.


Do you need to collect and analyze data on media repertoires or cross-media practices? The digital media diary MeTag and the sorting application MeSort might be able to help.


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