is a software for collecting, analyzing and visualizing data of digital media diaries. It consists of two components: MeTag Analyze is a browser-based platform that allows you to create research projects and collect and analyze diary data in detail. Through the accompanying MeTag App, available for iOS and Android, participants can digitally document their media use via smartphone once a corresponding project has been created in MeTag Analyze.


    • Platform-independent and easy creation and management of media diary projects
    • Flexible and versatile in use, according to your research purposes
    • Comprehensible automated data visualization and several export options for collected data
    • Accompanying smartphone app for data collection close to participants‘ everyday lives
    • Your projects and data are safe and secure on our server at ZfN of Bremen University


MeTag Analyze / MeTag App

Open MeTag Analyze

User Manual

Here you can download the user manual for MeTag Analyze and the MeTag app.

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